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About Me June 9, 2011

My name is Lauren and I am currently working in the IT field , although my passion is cooking. This all started when i was very young, growing up in an Italian household someone was cooking something almost all the time and every time you walked through the door you would get the same question , ” Are you hungry? Did you eat today?” Even if the answer was “No” , somehow a plate was set in front of you within 10 minutes.

When I’m stressed – I cook. When I’m bored- I cook. When I have something to celebrate- I cook. I love cooking for large groups of friends and family and I love trying new recipes and techniques. One vice of mine is sticking to my comfort zone- Italian cuisine but slowly I am branching out and trying all kinds of new things – and its proven fun so far!

I started this blog with the intention of spreading my love for the culinary arts and to hopefully inspire the “chef” inside some people that may be hidden. Through this blog I will be sharing stories , recipes and new ideas I come across. Hope you like it!


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