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A new CookingGirl July 21, 2012

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So it has been a very long time since I have posted any recipes. The past few months I have been revamping the way I eat and cook. I am in serious health and weight loss mode right now. It has only been 4 months , but it’s already a really long and diffiuclt road. In 4 months I have only acheived 16lbs. Its just not enough. I feel like this really should not be this difficult . I am eating right ( 85% of the time) and I am working out hardcore.. So whats going on here? What am I missing? I am seeing very slim differences in myself but its so aggrivating that it makes me want to give up.

Most of the people in my life don’t understand that their advice is not helping me. Pointing out how very large I have become is not going to make me work harder.. it makes me feel worse about myself. I went from being a person who was passionate about food and trying new things, cooking new things – to a person eating dry packaged powdered food to get my body to lose an ounce. It worked, supplying my body with 700-800 calories a day did the trick and allowed me to lose the 16lbs. Now that I am transitioning off and trying a healthy lifestyle will I still see results? I really hope so. If not it may be a trip to the Dr. to wire my mouth shut.

I found a very inspirational blog . This girl knows where its at! After reading her story and hysterically crying I felt inspired! I CAN DO THIS TOO! So Monday I am starting my new way of life. I am making a trip to Whole Foods and restocking my kitchen with super healthy foods, super GREEN veggies and super lean proteins. I should be able to eat a balanced meal 3 times a day and exercise and lose weight.. its science really!

There will be updates to follow as my journey progresses , and on March 15th I will post a pic of me , 50lbs lighter , rocking my awesome wedding dress . One point that should be made. I am NOT doing this to fit into a dress. I am doing this because I look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself.. and that makes me sad.


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